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Reality Transurfing® Personal Online Course Module 3

The Personal Online Course allows more flexibility regarding payment methods, whereas you can decide to pay for the course in full or in 4 recurring payments divided by the 4 course modules.

We designed a program to aid you to perceive the subtle and deeper knowledge of the Reality Transurfing® Model.
Once Awake in the dream called life, you can benefit from this invaluable knowledge by making it your Reality.
During the Course consisting of four modules of four lessons per module, you will be coached in all available current practical knowledge of the Reality Transurfing® Technology, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Bio Energetic Information Field.
You will practice each lesson for a period of one week, between each Module there will be an online webinar with the trainer, consisting of course material revision.
In the now Awake and Aware state, it will be possible for you to practice and gain experience of what Vadim Zeland is transmitting in his writings about the Reality Transurfing® Model.
With knowledge based on applied research and professional experience, we make sure that you actually imbue the deep knowledge inherent in the Reality Transurfing® Model, paradoxically relatively easy, once the message Zeland is conveying is understood. Transurfing will change your life forever, allowing you to enjoy high energy states, improving your Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships.

Outline of the Full Online Reality Transurfing® Personal Online Course

Part I:

Part I is of a theoretical nature in its approach to the RT concepts.

1. Module One: 4 Lessons. Reinforcement by 4 videos by the trainer on the topics covered in the lessons.
2. Module Two: 4 Lessons. Reinforcement by 4 videos by the trainer on the topics covered in the lessons.

At the end of each Module, the trainee presents a synthesis, with three to five fundamental concepts of the lessons or if preferred a brief reflection on the taken subjects.

Part II:

Part II follows more of a practical and interactive format.

3. Module Three: Consists of 4 interactive live video lessons involving both trainer and the student, on further RT topics, Via Skype or Zoom. Lessons are recorded and sent to student.*
4. Module 4: Follows the same format of 4 live video lessons, with the exception of the last video lesson having a Closing Activity: With the student making a short 15-20 minutes Presentation.