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Fernando M. BrancO

Reality Transurfing® Self Knowledge Mentor

It is with great confidence that I officially endorse Fernando M. Branco and the Transurfing International Academy as the exclusive Transurfing training program for all English and Portuguese speaking countries. The Program created to properly instruct RT is genuine in quality and integrity of all methods and principles.

Vadim Zeland.

Find Real Life Fulfillment

Self Knowledge Guide

In-depth practical guidance, acting as a catalyst into a Life of Joy Health and Prosperityy

Online Courses

Reality Transurfing® Field of Consciousness Technology, Personal Awareness, Quantum Physics and a lot more.

Three Step Life Management

Awake, Aware and Master. Having in depth Knowledge of how Reality is being created, gives you the power to Choose and be Free.

Energy Mastery

Learn about the influence of subtle magnetic fields, how to Master them and raise your energetic signature where Joy, Gratitude and Abundance become part of your daily life.

State Of Equilibrium

By activation of your Inner Observer to take care of you, achieve freedom of Choice

Wave Of Success

This wave carries good fortune, joy, attracts auspicious  life experiences, caring partnerships and prosperity. Get on to it Now!

What Is


The meaning of the word Transurfing can be interpreted as “surfing through the Space of Variations” or “transforming potential options into reality” or even “gliding through life lines”. Essentially, put Reality Transurfing® into practice and you are riding the wave of success.

Who Is This Knowledge For?

Transurfing is both an Easy and Efficient technology for reality management. Aimed at an individual that asks for more than the average collective view of life has on offer. A human that chooses to improve his/her Life Quality, That is You!

What is The Real Purpose?

With Reality Transurfing®, you can effortlessly achieve the so coveted and somehow kept secret of being able to choose your very own reality. The purpose of the Reality Transurfing® in-depth Practical Training is to act as a catalyst into a Life of Greatness, leading you to experience true health, amazing joy and real prosperity.

1. Recognize the signs for changing into another life-line

Guiding signs are those which suggest a turn in the flow of variants. If something is approaching that could substantially influence the course of events, a sign appears as an indication of this.

2. Make the right choices to achieve objectives

When your desires are not fulfilled, your dreams will not happen. But your choice is an irrevocable law and it will inevitably come true. Transurfing offers a fundamentally different approach to achieving objectives.

3. Use your energy to further your happiness

Focus on goals that are beneficial and further your progress towards freedom of choice. Stop submitting to the will of outside forces and put your choices first.

4. Simple solutions to complex problems

When putting yourself “out to rent”, activate your inner observer to look after you, so that you do everything impeccably.

5. Get certified and prepared to teach others

Once certified by Transurfing International Academy, the person is allowed to offer professional training as a Reality Transurfing trainer.

About Me

In the year 2008 I came across “Reality Transurfing®”, written by Vadim Zeland. Upon reading the complete book series and as he suggests, putting it into practice, my life started to feel like I had something to do with it. I realized I had a CHOICE.

This impressed me so much that I decided to promote Reality Transurfing® worldwide, initially by getting involved in the publishing of the books. I believe that we all have our own unique qualities, mine is to act as a catalyst in speeding up your immersion into the Reality Transurfing® Model.


“I have done the Professional Transurfing Training with Fernando Branco 2 years ago. I highly recommend Reality Transurfing to everyone who would like to follow their heart.” – Eisa Al Mheiri

“I want to say that it works! It’s unbelievable! I don’t remember a time when I was so sure that everything would turn out exactly the way I wanted. Everything will be simple as it needs to be.” – B. Hamilton, Cleveland, USA.

“Dear Fernando, you have helped me to my right path. Now I am doing great things with less effort, I would not have imagined how life is easy and joyful without this knowledge. God bless you.” – Hanan, Saudi Arabia

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